Industrial Coatings / General Industrial, Marine and Protective Coatings

General Industrial, Marine and Protective Coatings

General industrial, marine and protective applications are wide-ranging. However, the optical element is less relevant for all of them.


Typically, the most important features are:


  • Abrasion resistance, covered mainly by hard mineral fillers.
  • Barrier properties, provided by lamellar mineral fillers such as MIO or talc.
  • Chemical resistance versus all kinds of influences.
  • Corrosion protection, not simply by creating a physical barrier, but by interaction with typical corrosion inhibitors such as zinc phosphates.
  • Flame retardancy – not in the area of intumescent coatings, but by means of releasing water vapor at 180°C.
  • Mechanical reinforcement, obtained by using either lamellar or acicular fillers.
  • Skid resistance, for safety and visibility reasons.
  • UV resistance, to ensure long lifetime of the coatings.