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Product Benefits
Technical Details

Talc (silicate, chemical formula Mg3(OH)2/Si4O10) can be characterised by:


  • Lamellar nature: talc can be classified as either microcrystalline (length:thickness = 10:1) or macrocrystalline (length:thickness = 35:1)
  • Low Mohs hardness of 1 (being the softest mineral in the range)
  • Hydrophobic surface and, as a result, low water absorption
  • High brightness
  • High purity
  • High inertness in various media.


Basic properties

Property Value Unit
Moisture 0.2 [%]
pH 9 [-]
Hardness (Mohs) 1 [-]
Refractive index 1.57 [-]
Density 2.8 [kg/ dm3]


Product overview

Product Grade D50





[g/ 100 g]

Tital VT 5 4.5 11 55 96
VT 10 7 17 52 96
VT 15 8 22 52 96
VT 20 10 28 48 96
VT 30 15.5 60 40 96
VT 50 16 72 32 96
VT Prime 10 28 38 93

Production location Tital


Tital VT is the brand name of Sibelco’s talc products.

By using the appropriate micronisation technology, the material is processed to various particle size distribution, maintaining the product’s characteristic lamellarity and high aspect ratio.


  • Mud cracking resistance: due to its lamellar structure, talc will mechanically reinforce the binder matrix and therefore lower the tendency for mud cracking to occur.
  • Wet scrub resistance: due to its low hardness of 1 on the Mohs scale and hydrophobic nature, talc will improve the wet-scrub resistance of interior decorative coatings.
  • Sandability: due to its low hardness of 1 on Mohs scale, a coating with talc is very easy to sand, making it perfect for achieving a high gloss finish.
  • Chemical resistance: due to its lamellar structure and hydrophobic nature, talc will provide barrier properties to the primer and topcoat, and good chemical resistance compared to conventional fillers.

  • Mechanical reinforcement: due to its lamellar structure, talc will mechanically reinforce the binder matrix.
  • Gloss control: with the availability of various grades, it is possible to apply coatings with a broad range of gloss levels.


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